To all our valued guests and friends

As the safety of our guests is of utmost importance, we have taken additional hygiene precautions with regards to COVID-19.
Please note that we are taking the threat of the corona virus very seriously at King’s Lodge Hotel and have taken additional hygiene precautions. Our local Dr Johan Delport is personally keeping us updated and guiding us regarding the virus.

What are we are doing at King’s Lodge Hotel to ensure the safety of our guests, staff and visitors:

• We follow the guidelines and recommendations of local authorities.
• Increased focus on hand hygiene in all departments of the hotel.
• Increased cleaning and hygiene protocols.
• Regular disinfection of exposed surfaces such as door handles, light switches, kids’ playgrounds, etc. with anti-bacterial liquids.
• Offer disinfectant dispensers in public areas to our guests
• Our staff undergo daily training and briefing on good hygiene practices and we have enforced extra checks in all departments.
• Our staff reside on the premises and so limit contact with the community outside of the hotel.
• Private dining areas in our Forest gardens and on our premises ensuring small groups.
• Privacy guaranteed (if so required).

Avoid the crowds. Get out in the fresh air and the sunlight in a comfortable environment. Blessings from Directors, Management and Staff of King’s Lodge Hotel.