King's Lodge Hogsback
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King's Lodge Hotel in Hogsback received a 2018 Top Rated Pet Friendly Accommodation Award.

King's Lodge Hogsback Gallery

  • Family lounge
    Family lounge
  • King's Lodge hotel
    King's Lodge hotel
  • 39 Steps Waterfall
    39 Steps Waterfall
  • Arboretum
  • Azaleas
  • Bar area
    Bar area
  • Bar area
    Bar area
  • Bowling Clubhouse
    Bowling Clubhouse
  • Bowling green
    Bowling green
  • Children's playground
    Children's playground
  • Dining Hall
    Dining Hall
  • Double hotel room
    Double hotel room
  • Hogsback Hogs
    Hogsback Hogs
  • Kettlespout waterfall
    Kettlespout waterfall
  • King's Lodge braai area
    King's Lodge braai area
  • King's lodge cottages
    King's lodge cottages
  • Madonna & Child Waterfall
    Madonna & Child Waterfall
  • Main village road
    Main village road
  • Wedding marquee in the garden
    Wedding marquee in the garden
  • Samango monkeys
    Samango monkeys
  • Swimming pool in the snow
    Swimming pool in the snow
  • Snowflake cottage
    Snowflake cottage
  • Spring flowers
    Spring flowers
  • Swimming pool
    Swimming pool
  • Twin hotel room
    Twin hotel room
  • Upper Tyume falls
    Upper Tyume falls
  • Wedding in dining hall
    Wedding in dining hall

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